Friday, March 31, 2017

Spring Break Staycation

This year, we didn't go anywhere for Spring Break, but we had a lot of fun!

I got all the grocery shopping and cleaning done so I could do NOTHING the next day. The boys were down for that!
They got ready for a week of sleepovers by building a fort! (Love that they want to be in the same room!)

We started off right, with a trip to the library (E was at work-they were putting up and stocking brand new shelves all day)!
 Another playdate with Camden- at our house this time!
freezer slushies!
 That night, we watched Sing!
B accessorized for church
that night, the boys served at the second annual spaghetti dinner fundraiser!
I would only let my babies serve me-ha ha!

Park with the Wares from church!
B showed how fast he could do the monkey bars, then K helped C try it!
Picnic lunch!
 That afternoon, we had a National Treasure movie marathon!
I got some work done on my photo book, and waited for our fun activity of the night- bowling with the Falks!

For 11.00 a person, we get two hours of bowling,
shoe rental and unlimited pizza!
We had to wait about an hour for a lane,
but were told we could help ourselves to the pizza buffet.....
I was starving!
When they only bring out one pizza at a time,
it takes a while before everyone gets to eat!
Finally on our lanes!
All 7s and 4s!
Kari Falk was ON FIRE. So glad when I
took this picture that my score was hidden!
W had his best game ever!
Started off the second
game a bit better- In your face, Kari Falk!
(Spoiler alert- I did NOT get better!)
Wills best friend has recently moved back into our area!
Spring break was a great time to have him over for the day!

He brought alligator jerky for us to try!
I had a coupon, so I took the boys out to lunch!
(funny story- the girl who makes my iced coffee at CFA saw this picture on facebook and was like "Why didn't you come here?! ha ha ha)
They spent the afternoon making a Lego Batman stop motion video.
That night, we went to AWANA, then drove DA back home. 

A dental cleaning wasn't my favorite way to start the day...
but I didn't cry!
 This calls for a treat...
like browsing Jungle Jim's,
 and getting cupcakes from the new bakery
(Abby Girl Sweets) next door! (So delicious, but costs 8.00 for three!)
 B got an extra treat from Jungle Jim's- a giant dill pickle!
(What my baby wants, my baby gets! W chose to have a dollar instead of something from the store.)
 The boys got to play outside for a little bit with BT from down the street
before E  decided they needed some educating in 80's cartoons!
That night, we started reading the Time Machine by HG Wells.

My precious!! Only one this week, I deserve a medal (or another CFA iced coffee)!
the rest of the day was spent like this:
until it was time for Pump It Up for a second cousin's birthday!
 Using the Force
the boys' homemade card
Landon seemed to like the puzzle and Berenstein Bear books!
2nd cousins and Uncle Phil!
We ended our Spring Break with homemade donuts!
Sunday School (before they have to go back to real school!)
(putting balloon verse in order)
Sad that it is over! Now we are counting down until summer!

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