Friday, March 17, 2017

St. Patrick's Day

Shirts for the boys (bought on clearance after last year),
some green (and a jello leprechaun hat!) in their lunch!
That, bedtime books, a song,

and a fun dessert (made the night before because we had the Upward Award Ceremony)

and the boys were all set!  (Ok, I also made W a little math project...Got to sneak some learning in somehow since all they are doing this week is AIR testing and watching movies!)

I went all out for the kitchen
and myself.....
I didn't think it was over the top, until E's boss Karen brought three tour groups around...boy, did I get some looks! 
(But if I hadn't looked like that, I might not have won the facebook contest that I did. Two free pizzas, cheesy bread AND and 2 liter for commenting and posting that picture on Marco's pizza post!)

My plan was to make an Irish chicken casserole that had potatoes and cabbage in it, but we were busy and the boys were full from their Shamrock Shake snack(I couldn't resist. I love treating my Schmoops!) so I went with a much easier dinner instead! (Shrug. I'm not that Irish anyway!)

St. Patty's Day smooches!

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