Saturday, March 18, 2017

Upward Awards Night

End of a great season!

The cheerleaders did a cheer, (except for Bree who was on crutches...)
then sat in the balcony.
Look, there is E! (I didn't realize when I took this that W is in the front row....didn't get his face :(
The coaches were recognized (a gift card!), then the youth pastor preached a five minute salvation message. We watched a short highlight video (which included a slow motion of our cradle from a ground up!) and were dismissed to get gifts.

The basketball players got basketballs and the cheerleaders got picture frames. I had a great squad (even though they acted like this sometimes)
and assistant coach this year! (Bummer that two girls couldn't make it!)
Before we left, I got a couple of pictures of my handsome boys!  
Now to go workout and try to avoid watching basketball on TV!

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