Saturday, April 15, 2017

Weekend before Easter with Nanny and Papaw

Stuffing Easter eggs for the hunt before we left.
When we got to Nanny and Papaw's, J helped me stuff more eggs with the candy they brought. Then I ALMOST beat her and W at Trivial Pursuit Jr. (Poor W knew the answers to all the questions but his!)
I had the kids decorate the sugar cookies I made....(look, nests!)
Then, J and I made dinner right before Mom got home from work. No carb meatballs (Mom cleared the house of leavening for Passover) on a pasta "nest"! (Mom ate zucchini noodles.)
After dinner, it was time for the egg hunt! E and I "hid" the eggs (I tried to put a hole in the trash bag and walk around, but that didn't work out....the cats were very interested though!)
Get set, Go!!!

We didn't use baskets this year, instead they had to run them back to their designated pile.
Z made the mistake of dropping his, and Papaw encouraged B to go after it!
no mercy in a cousin egg hunt!
They got quite a haul!
They got to eat candy while we watched Hop (Dad called it IHop just to drive me crazy). B ended up smearing chocolate all over himself and the couch!
Empty eggs that were found in the egg hunt got prizes! J picked Easter socks, Z got carrot pick up sticks, B picked more candy and W.....
After Nanny and Papaw went to bed and Nate went to work, Autumn came. She had been working construction with her (not living with her, just staying with her Native American boyfriend with two kids) Kip. We figured out the sleeping arrangements and hit the hay. Pud's new bed was very comfortable!

Breakfast the next morning was rice pudding and bacon, (My family all just got two pieces each because Autumn ate a whole plate by herself!) then we went bowling while J and Z did their weekly league.

(my phone was dead...waiting to find the cord to download pics from my good camera.
....Long story short, Autumn is a better bowler than me.

W and I only bowled two games, and spent the last game at the yard sale next door! (FIRST YARD SALE OF THE SEASON!) W spent his spare money on a soft pair of batman pj pants, then got to see the very first laptop ever made.

Mom got me four parfait glasses and a church dress for 2.50! (I was going to pay her back, but she said we could call it part of my Easter.)

While E ran to the store for drinks (and a snack because two pieces of bacon was not a big enough breakfast for him) Nate fixed us a delicious lunch of fried shrimp, (perfectly coated thanks to a tip from me)
and fish,

Preheat oven to 375.
Lay out a piece of aluminum foil and thinly coat with olive oil.
Place fish, skin side down on top, top with spices, then butter and green onion "to taste".
Top with another piece of foil and seal.
Bake 25 minutes and check for doneness.
If not done, cut into pieces and return to oven until flakes easily with fork.

I put dinner in the crockpot, and mom played Sponge Bob Life with W.
After lunch, we watched Disney's Moana (her grandma died and I cried). Then we packed the car while the boys eeked out as much outside time as they could! (One more trip in the little tractor down the hill, then I think they were digging an army trench)!
It was a great visit!

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